Reshaping Neighbourhoods

What can you do that makes a neighbourhood better? What can you do that will make it feel timeless and give it some longevity?

These are a few questions that we ask ourselves when looking for new opportunities.

Underutilization in a community is one of the first things we look out for. Many factors play into an area being underutilized: lack of housing, lack of retail space, lack of public spaces, etc.

Density, for example, is a common problem in Vancouver. You look at large pieces of land with apartment buildings, but only a fraction of that land is used to house a small number of people. When many of these apartment buildings and homes were built, no one was predicting the population explosion that is the present day. These large, single-family homes of the past are very exclusionary. The new form of townhouses and multifamily developments aim to be more inclusive, putting the land at its maximum potential.

By adding more density to certain areas, whether that’s by townhomes, condos or mixed-use developments, we have the power to also create positive changes in neighbourhoods.

Every neighbourhood goes through a change at some point. Incremental change keeps a neighbourhood fresh and alive, giving it a sense of rejuvenation every time a new building appears.