downtown core residence


The redevelopment of a brownfield site within the downtown core. The intent of development in the Beach Neighbourhood was to recognize the site as a prime residential neighbourhood, providing housing consistent with livability, environmental, and household/income mix objectives, particularly for young families. It was also developed with an eye for high quality urban design and architecture.

Civic amenities required

Creating an overall urban design that maximized development potential while providing the civic amenities required by the City (social housing, daycares, parks). A building form that was able to achieve the maximum density within the permitted height. By providing a number of public amenities (park and seawall particularly) we were able to overcome the public opposition to dense hi-rise development on the waterfront. The location and design of George Wainborn Park maximized the visual amenity and organizing function of the towers, but also minimized the remediation required for the most contaminated portion of the site.

waterfront reinvigoration

The Beach Neighbourhood helped reinvigorate downtown Vancouver as a vibrant, mixed-use community. There is an inherent sustainability advantage that comes from bringing people of all income classes and their place of work close together - more people walking, biking and interacting in the new public spaces. The Beach Neighbourhood represented a model of high-density urban living while providing a remarkable degree of civic amenity.