emerging district

467 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver

A new residential development in the emerging Lynn Creek Town Centre. The first wood frame building in Lynn Creek neighbourhood, it gave young families an affordable alternative to a single family home on the North Shore. Attributes: affordability, many North Vancouver residents qualified as purchasers.

maximum density required

Creating a building form that achieved maximum density within the permitted height, as well as creating a design that engaged the neighbourhood while maintaining a sense of safety and security for residents. An interior courtyard that gave residents a sense of community within their building. The front of the building provided activity and the start of the High Street - the heart of Lynn Creek Town Centre. As traffic is always a challenge, we implemented a number of traffic demand management initiatives that reduced the reliance on the car.

one week sellout

A building that sold out in one week. The creation of new storefronts on Mountain Highway helped the overall feel and character of the block and made it more pedestrian-friendly. It also created new opportunities for small businesses who contributed $705,000 to the DNV to go towards community amenities, for example, the upgrade of Seylynn Park.