Quick access to downtown

2050-2070 Marine Drive

As one of the few sites on the North Shore to provide quick access to Downtown Vancouver (via Lions Gate Bridge), the intent of development is to recognize the site as a newly-formed residential neighbourhood providing housing consistent with livability, environmental, and household and income mix objectives, particularly for local downsizers and families with children. The development dedicates a large park area to the neighbourhood along with instrumental road networks that tie into projects soon to be developed to the east, west, and north of our site.

We plan to develop a high-rise tower and low-rise multifamily development with the intent to address affordability by incorporating a below-market, purpose-built rental building. The development will be achieved with a high quality of urban design and architecture while meeting the current price point pressures of the current marketplace.

Public opposition to density

A big challenge is creating an overall urban design that maximizes development potential while providing the civic amenities required by the City (market rental housing, roads and parks).

We were challenged to address the public opposition to dense hi-rise development in an already highly-congested traffic bottleneck on Capilano and Marine Drive. We addressed the height concerns of the select group of existing owners while ensuring we don’t lose sight of the existing developments and future owners' interests.  

We also have adapted to new code requirements while ensuring design does not suffer and costs do not escalate.

design meets local demand

We had a number of successes with this development:

- Incorporated below-market housing which will provide 35% discount to CMHC rents.

- Designed to meet local demand and not simply offshore investors or speculators.

- There is an inherent sustainability advantage that comes from bringing people of all income classes and their place of work close together...more people walking, biking and interacting in the new public spaces.

- Represented a model of high-density urban living, while providing North Shore residents with a truly rare opportunity to be near accessible and convenient transit options.

- Completed the vision of the Lions Gate Village plan and allowed the road networks to function east/west to the neighbouring developments.  Allowed the future B-Line bus to have a dedicated network to flow easily to West Vancouver and downtown.

- Increased public space areas to allow the growing neighbourhood to have a place to congregate.