an underutilized site

1088 Richards Street

Our opportunity was to redevelop an underutilized site within the downtown core. It was the first development of Aqulini Development and Construction since their rebranding and corporate restructuring. It was an opportunity to reposition themselves in the market and to lay claim as a major developer in the city.

building during recession

The building originally launched sales in 2007 just before the recession. We redesigned the project and relaunched it in 2008, declaring it the first multi-family building launched following the recession.

Retention and relocation of three heritage houses were incorporated into the design. It provided an opportunity to present a unique streetscape along Helmcken unique to the downtown area.

Another challenge was creating a building design that engaged the neighbourhood while maximizing the amount of density on the site. The eight-story street wall was unusual for the city and proved to be visually enhancing to the environment.

successful integration

The relaunch of the building was a success and was the start of significant growth in real estate that has lasted through 2018. The relocation of the heritage houses gave the appearance of "always being there" - a successful integration into the project.