GASTOWN residence


The first residential development in Gastown. Previously, there had been some loft conversions but this was the largest new residential project. A new and very different market outside of our typical clientele, this was Concord’s first project in Vancouver outside of False Creek. It was a chance to revitalize a vacant site and to create a more friendly neighbourhood.

creating a Community

Creating a new building that fits into the fabric of the Gastown Historical Area. Creating a building design that engaged the neighbourhood while maintaining a sense of safety and security for the residents. The design incorporated an interior courtyard that gave residents a sense of community within their building. The front of the building provided activity and “eyes on the street”. To overcome much neighbourhood opposition to gentrification, we worked on extensive outreach to the various business groups to demonstrate the importance of preserving Gastown's character, as well as creating activity for many of the businesses nearby.

local market success

This building sold out in a matter of weeks. It created a sense that Concord is more than just a “luxury” developer; that they create projects that cater to the local market. ie. a more affordable project targeted to first-time homebuyers. Concord went on to build a second similar project in Mt. Pleasant before that district became popular. The building fits in with the overall character of Gastown. It created new storefronts on Powell St that helped the overall feel and character of the block and made it more pedestrian-friendly. It also created new opportunities for small businesses - Cadeaux Bakery is a good example.