Costco meets urban

111 West Georgia Street

Our opportunity was the redevelopment of an underutilized site within the downtown core with a significant grade change across the site. This was also an opportunity to develop the first Costco store in an urban environment.

engineering feat

A site as constrained as this one, adjacent to two imposing viaducts which otherwise might have been considered a liability to its development potential, suddenly became a great asset when you consider how the complex integrated a large warehouse retailer immediately beneath the high-density neighbourhood above.

The creation of Air Space Parcels allowed for the Costco store to be sold rather than leased, providing a higher return.

The Costco store faces directly on to Expo Boulevard beneath the two viaducts which, depending on how you view the site, occupies either the ground floor or the first basement level of the entire complex. From an engineering point of view, this site posed tremendous challenges to building these towers over large transfer beams that could allow for barrier-free loading zones to support up to five delivery trailers.

first urban costco

The development is seen as an emerging model for an eco-dense urban core. The store is a massive 144,725 sq ft in size and is Costco’s first store in a downtown core. It was a fully-integrated development that extended the city grid by two blocks and integrated the adjacent stadiums into the urban core.