revitalizing robson

233 Robson Street

This was a redevelopment of an underutilized site within the downtown core; a partnership with CBC. Our opportunity was to revitalize an underperforming portion of Robson Street.

a balancing act

One of our challenges was balancing the integration of the renovations to the existing CBC building with the design of the residential towers. Complementary design elements were necessary to give the project an appearance of one large redevelopment that would allow public access to the CBC building.

The creation of Air Space Parcels, along with a Single Site Covenant, allowed the maximum residential development to be realized.

One of the major constraints was the coordination and timing of construction activity with regular CBC operations during the redevelopment.

a sales success

This was a fully-integrated development that blurred the lines between public and private spaces. As well as the success of the building completion, we also saw a successful sales campaign that achieved some of the greatest returns for investors. The value of the condominiums doubled within 5 years of the pre-sales campaign.  

The renovation and expansion of the CBC Building were made possible through the redevelopment of surplus lands.